Our mobile houses – solution for you

Easy to transport

Live in or close to locations that you desire and relocate them whenever you want, while maintaining the same comfort and familiarity of your home.

Better insulation

The construction minimizes energy use by utilizing energy-efficient systems and building materials.

Modular design

The modular design allows you to expand the living space by simply connecting one or more additional units.

Many options

Expand, move, rent, sublet, buy, sell: we offer so many options. For instance, moving into certain areas which are only available for mobile homes.

Smart installations

We have a smart home system already installed, so you can control the blinds and the lights directly from your smartphone or another device.

Choose a tailor-made model

Having a private module as a permanent house, a vacation house or just as an additional unit for guests to stay in means having freedom. If you ever want to move, you are free to do so. The modular house can be placed in nature spots where no normal building is allowed to be placed.

Model 6x3

External dimensions (m): 6,5 x 3 Internal dimensions (m): 5,6 x 2,7

Area around: 15,12 m2

Model 9x3

External dimensions (m): 9,5 x 3 Internal dimensions (m): 8,6 x 2,7
Area around: 23,22 m2

Model 12x3

External dimensions (m): 12,5 x 3  Internal dimensions (m): 11,6 x 2,7

Area around: 31,30 m2

Model 12x6

External dimensions (m): 12,5 x 6  Internal dimensions (m): 11,6 x 5,7
Area around: 66,12 m2

Model 12x9

External dimensions (m): 12,5 x 9 Internal dimensions (m): 11,6 x 8,7
Area around: 100,92 m2

Modules for your business

Our business and event modules can be converted into anything. Several modules can form a hotel resort, a business can be an office, a shop or a yoga classroom, and with mobile event modules you can showcase your products in a high-end design showroom.

Have you chosen anything?

Technologies and accessories


– Dried spruce beams

Exterior surface:

  • ThermoWood- 

  • Finnish pine,
    – PVC foils,
    – Aluminium with colour treatment,

    Interior cladding:

    – plasterboard + wallpapers / designer cladding materials
    – of your choice,


Exterior surface of your choice,
– 20 mm styrodur,
– OSB 20 mm,
– Load-bearing structure made of 120/180mm wooden profiles, filled with thermal insulation of mineral wool thickness from 280 mm
– Vapour control layer
– OSB 20 mm,
– Aluminium foil,
– Plasterboard structure, plasterboard,

Transport and assembly

– Free transport within Žilina, transport in other towns is individual,
– Assembly is provided by our company at the price of modules,
– 5-year warranty, if all business terms and conditions are met.

Windows, doors

– Plastic frames / aluminium window frames according to the client’s request,
– Thermally insulated double-glazed / triple-glazed windows,



– Implemented by the client after consultation or by our company under individual price conditions,



According to the client’s request



– We offer the possibility of cooling the space with a wall air-conditioning unit.


– Not included in the supply for the basic level of equipment,


Detail of insulation

Photos from construction

Off-grid solution

At present many people are tired of consumer life and wish to live on their own and with their own – quite literally. Ideally a small house with a small garden, so that they are self-sufficient and need not rely on anything. Naturally, this idea also includes the off-grid operation of the house, freely translated something like “without connection”.

Provision of electricity

The required electricity usually comes from renewable sources, directly from the place where the house stands. Photovoltaics is most commonly used, but also hydroelectric power, wind or geothermal energy.

Water supply

In line with the main idea of off-the grid, water is taken from natural sources – i.e. nearby rivers, lakes or wells, and is then driven through pumps and filters. Rainwater should not go to waste, so we capture and continue to use it as service water, for example for watering.